5 Strategies to Survive a Life Storm

By: Deeba Salim Irfan

Everyone faces a life storm at some point in time! You may have survived one or heard a friend share with you. Some are serious storms like losing a job, losing someone close and others are trivial yet may weigh you down. Whatever the case may be, be patient and keep an eye on ‘expiry date for your blues.’ You can lie low. Feel sad. Cry if you must, wear black, celebrate the blues and hang tough! Tomorrow the smile will erupt on your lips. Sun will shine and you will laugh again till your stomach hurts. You just need to wait!

I have outlined below 5 coping strategies that I find very effective:

Stay Calm – No matter how serious the issue! Count till 10. Breathe. And repeat till 10 and breathe. And repeat. This will help you catch your breath and comfort you.

Postpone – Postpone the thought of whatever the issue is to a later date! A time when you get healed and are ready to analyze it. Trust me, that time will come!

Stay Clear – This one is logical. Someone once told me, imagine you are swimming in your sorrows and you reach a waterfall. If you come out before the fall, you will be able to control yourself. However, if you let yourself fall, you will not be able to control yourself. If you do not control your depressing thoughts before the fall, you will be in that waterfall stage of depression when it becomes increasingly difficult to control depression. To counter try to stop your thoughts before you reach the waterfall (of your thoughts). For example, listen to upbeat songs or watch comedy!

Colors – What we wear or surround ourselves with impact our mood. If you are going through a storm, hide in the blanket and cry till your tears dry. Then pull yourself, wear bright colors, dress up and visit your optimistic, positive friends.

Keep Busy – The trick is to trap your mind. Keep it occupied and let it not sense the loss!

What I describe above, practice and preach, I call it my ‘insulating technique.’

When you have healed, taper the dose and allow your ‘painful’ thoughts to seep into your mind and toy with them! This may take anywhere from one week to six months depending on the storm / loss and upon your immunity, as each person has a different bouncing back ability!

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-About the Author:

Deeba Salim Irfan is an Advertising professional, and an Author based in Dubai. Her novel – URMA is with a backdrop of Iranain revolution is based on surviving personal losses. Her poetry book – CHARCOAL BLUSH, has vivid and uplifting poetry full of spiritual wisdom (both available on Amazon). Her next novel is ‘Will Time Find Us.’ Deeba blogs on relationships and helps writers build their ‘Author Brand’. She is also the founder of (soon to be launched) portal

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