My world

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Soaked in caffeine, no – not caffeine, in Mocha Frappuccino. My world is always soaked in that, at least in my mind! I must confess, while writing ‘Urma’ I must have consumed in excess of 10,000 cups between the first draft and the final one!

Even now, as I hold a steaming cup in my hands and write this, like always, I am transported to another world! I am totally a mountain person and crave it 365 days a year. Just the thought, perks me up with a possibility of finding a hideaway with a book, or a short trek for a refreshing perspective.

I love the desert too as Dubai is my home. However, dune bashing is another thing. Can’t stand it, just like roller coasters and rides in general. No, not because I feel scared, but because I have vertigo. ‘I’m dizzy,’ is perhaps that one sentence heard by my loved ones the most. When I’m not under a spell of vertigo, it’s the words piling up one on top of the other in my head that make me dizzy. ‘My World’ is always dizzy – I am dizzy with an excess of and the depth of all emotions!

I am passionate about life.

I sense the highs and lows of mind, of emotions and are generally, they are amplified beyond measure. That’s how I appreciate the highs and believe that the lows will turn to highs again.

Most of what I write is to do with these extreme emotions – the two extremes of the spectrum – love and hate! And everything in between.

Friendship. Compassion. Fondness. Passion. Enmity. Animosity. Jealousy. Misery. Apathy. Fidelity. Devotedness. Soul Connect.

I admit, I have a never-ending affair with words. I enjoy their company the most.

I read to feed my soul and I write to free my soul!

That was a purview of my inner world!

– Deeba