Sometimes no words, no contact, nothing is
needed, as long as you know that your souls
connect. I don’t even know that. I have got
tired of wanting him and not knowing where
he is.

I have reached a state, where I feel numb.
I feel I have been stripped off the need to be
with him, I stand bare, in my naked soul.
All I need is just his aura to touch me, I just
want to connect with his soul, no matter
where he is, really, no matter where he is!


Palms cupped together
Lips locked
Are more such moments in stock?
Eyes closed
Two minds conversing, mine and yours
Deep down it lends pure cures
No need of windows or doors
For our souls to connect anymore
A soothing blanket envelopes
And my soul elopes
To a far off place, that I pray
Is a home for my soul to stay!

Get a feel of Ladan

Ladan, an Iranian Antarctic scientist, based in London, spends months at a base in Antarctica. She is on a run from herself. Dubai as her hideout.

Devika, an air-hostess married in a conservative family in India. Dubai is freedom to her.

Two people from two different worlds. Collide.

A story of how pain and love brings them together…

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