Charcoal Blush


Cattleya twirls through the book. A fragrant flower, from the family of Orchids.
Urban dictionary defines Cataleya as a name that implies - ‘Pure’ and ‘Devious.’
For me, it is a tiny voice inside every soul. At times, circumstances may sway us to
either extreme of the spectrum. But, it’s the choices we make, that ultimately define
us and make our life!

Remember, with a little faith, every Charcoal tends to Blush!

- Deeba Salim Irfan


Love, an essence
May just be a drop in an ocean
Of life experiences
But that one real drop
Overwhelming with depth
Will create ripples
To last you a lifetime!

- Deeba Salim Irfan

About Charcoal blush

Deeba’s poetry is a sublime quest of high and low personal dialogues, experiences and observations, worries and victories. Embalmed with the duality of yin and yang as conflictors yet complimentary elements of life. Charcoal Blush is all that is within and without.

Praise for Charcoal Blush

Raw, genuine and moving. It reminds us that there is unmatched beauty in simplicity!

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
Sharmeen Obaid-ChinoyAcademy and Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker

A pleasure to read. Visual, touching and relatable

Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal!
Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal!American solo artist, songwriter and producer Former Lead Guitarist, Guns N’ Roses

Each poem ‘A haiku’! An expression of beauty, love and longing!

Sanjoy K. Roy
Sanjoy K. RoyProducer, Jaipur Literature Festival

Profound, lyrical and ultimately hopeful – a collection of poetry that reflects the spiritual wisdom of the poet

Geeta Gandbhir
Geeta GandbhirMulti Award Winning Filmmaker

Refreshing & rejuvenating. Simple words beautifully woven around ideas closer to life. Reflection of love, hope and positivity of life. A treat for all poetry lovers!

Rajesh Raina
Rajesh RainaGroup Editor, ETV Network

A profound but compressed feeling that communicates more than it says. Her expressions forms a connection between physical plane and subtler realities. Her poetry mediates an adorable glory and inspires intelligence and humanism.

Professor (Dr.) Rattan Lal Hangloo
Professor (Dr.) Rattan Lal HanglooVice-Chancellor, University of Allahabad

Vivid, Engaging and Refreshing. Each page stirs new emotions.

Tessy Koshy
Tessy KoshyIndependent journalist in Dubai, writing for leading English publications for the past 15 years

Deeba’s lines are not written, they are carved as memories on paper. You don’t read them, you flow with them and with that, sometimes you sink and the very next moment you surf…. !

Pankaj Shukla
Pankaj ShuklaWriter-Director in Bollywood

A compulsive poet! Words come to her naturally, effortlessly and there is an innate lyricism in her verses that enchants the reader.

Shams-Ur-Rahman Alavi
Shams-Ur-Rahman AlaviSenior Journalist with Hindustan Times

Inspirational! Mysteriously alluring! She is blessed with unique wisdom to change the world with words. Her words celebrate the spirit of all women!

Sameera Aziz
Sameera AzizSaudi Media Personality, Journalist, Poetess

Read a few from the book




Heavens collaborate
And they lend
A moment so profoundly tranquil
I inscribe every second
A look so intense
A feeling so genuine
A storm incite
A storm recedes
All so alluring
All so divine



Be. And it always is.
From zilch to abundant
I feel and now overflowing
Love for HIM
How calm I feel
When HE is my muse
May HE keep me under HIS wings
Let the feeling not diffuse
A question flashed through my mind, is this a miracle?
But in a nanosecond, I knew it’s not
Am I or should I be surprised?
No – I dare not!
For, how difficult is it for HIM to make this happen
How difficult is it for HIM to ignite the flame and make it stay
Who put the entire universe in place, and all of us he planned
by just one simple command,
HE said – ‘BE’,
and it is! –

Veil of Faith

Veil of Faith

I look in your eyes
Sparkle of truth or a bag of lies
Decipher you with my perception
You camouflage, I believe in exception!

I see rainbow colors, a new shade everyday
Scatter around you, I choose to stand firm, I say
I have on my eyes, a veil of faith for you
I choose to believe, your love is true for me too!

At times a question floats in my mind
Behind the camouflage, who are you?
When the veil falls, I wonder what will I find,
Will I see you the one I perceive, or anew?

You give me no clue,
Yet my veil of faith just grew
I perceive a mirror so true,
I believe in you!

Love (Does Not) Hurt

Love (Does Not) Hurt

Does love hurt? No! Love doesn’t hurt!
Wanting to own hurts, want hurts
Loving doesn’t hurt, expectations hurt
Jealousy and envy hurts, and it hurts so bad
It can make you ruthless it can kill
But don’t sweat and do not stress
Love doesn’t hurt
Love is a feeling
So pure, so divine!
It’s a cure for all your hurt
It eases pain
It gives you a reason to live again
And smile
But love and hurt are yin yang
You may want to cherry-pick
Only love, but pain too will stick
Creep in, carrying its baggage
All set to create havoc and damage
It will toss your world in a spin
As you shed your reason on the floor
And walk in the door
Your logic sucked in an abyss
All this you didn’t choose
All you wanted was love loose
All you get
Is always love laced with hurt
Be patient though
Let your head spin
Let your heart bleed
And you will rise you will get a grip
Once you claw your soul and stand stripped
Of ego, envy and selfish wants
You arrive on a plain of bliss, an elevation
From where the world is a sparkling shimmer
The exuberation and energy
Washes away the agony and pain
Assured – a synergy.
‘Coz love doesn’t hurt!



You didn’t come too strong
You didn’t pull back too long!
Drop by drop
You infused in me
Abundant trust and faith!

I slit open my wrist
My fears and my tears
Drop by drop
All bled away!
Drop by drop
You infused in me
Abundant patience and love!

Clearly now
Heading to an apogee
Fuelled with our infused synergy
Is you, holding a brand new me!