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Urma : The story follows an Iranian woman transplanted to Europe by the revolution of 1979. Searching for a way back to the Iran of her youth, best-selling author Urma walks through adult life incomplete. She isolates herself in Athens, Greece, wallowing in memory of betrayals perpetrated by the men she has known. Connecting with school chums from Iran only serves to remind her of what she does not have. When the love of her life returns after a twenty-five year absence, Urma must search inside to find the kernel of home she has carried all along and open herself to accept what is rather than what was.

The author breathes advertising during the day and writes at night. She lives in Dubai, UAE with her husband, three kids and one hyperactive Maltese, the only reason for her to wake up at six each morning, as he doesn’t like her sleeping post that. She spent her childhood in Iran, where her father worked as an ENT surgeon. She has first-hand experience of the Shah’s reign and the Iranian revolution. This gives her a unique sense of attachment to the country, hence the Iranian background for Urma.

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I feel everyday life is full of Oxymorons! Not only is the day followed by night and life by death by tears are almost always followed by laughter and frowns fade into smiles! But though many a times happiness leads us to an ecstatic bliss and then the downhill wheel does take us on a retro ride, what I have come to firmly believe, is that, every hurt, has to heal!

My poems are an expression of this duality of life, highs and lows of feelings and experiences straight from my heart!


Ladan, an Iranian Antarctic scientist, based in London, spends months at a base in Antarctica. She is on a run from herself. Dubai as her hideout.

Devika, an air-hostess married in a conservative family in India. Dubai is freedom to her.

Two people from two different worlds. Collide.

A story of how pain and love brings them together…

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