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A moment I devoured     when you had appeared      from the corner of that chest-wood tree     so vivacious and free.       I hit a wall     and woke up with the fall     reached out      and just felt that cold wall.       I […]

Simple Words

Words spoken, words heard, words shared, words that sealed… and words also healed, those scars that had been! Well between those words, between those glances, all the words unsaid, that gathered and were left unheard… voices that never found the words – were those moments ever there? The smile turns to sigh – new scars, new […]

Conflict – Essence of Fiction writing

Write a good mushy novel, where everyone is perfect, everything is immaculate and there is no conflict… I am sure, the reader would hardy make it to page 25, if they don’t already throw the book off before that. Without conflict, a work of fiction is what it shouldn’t be, extremely boring.   Conflicts like creeps […]

Building Characters

For a while, I have been wondering how to bring my characters to life. I want them to react the way each one of us does. Make them more believable, livable. Tonight is strange. I woke up about an hour back, when it was still 3 am and kept thinking of certain issues at hand. Just can’t […]