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Insipid stroll of my capricious heart

Basking in the memory I stroll for a mile eyes heavy head bent low yet a faded smile at the corner of my lips and an arch on my brow Leaves changed, green to yellow yellow to orange and back to green mono to dialogue to conversations black to red my hair, though nothing lack […]

Waves of Life

Life is handed to us in waves, alternating high and low. After plummeting my heart soared and now back at equilibrium. A tender calm. No more screams within. A moment, when heartbeat is in sync with the mind. The breath is deep and slow and I can feel it complementing my heartbeat. A tender yet […]


Opulence of inner peace is a state of perfection set by our own mind I want to evolve today evolve tomorrow and forever… I hold myself embrace and caress my own mind Life feels too short Today maybe forever Forever may never be So I ignite a thought soak self with hues within and all […]

Memory – (un)LOCK

Till I completed my novel URMA, I was sure of having spent my entire childhood in Iran, a country I have extreme adulation for. This is a given I grew up with. And then, came questions for interviews and I had to answer questions about my childhood never raised before. Never had to be answered […]


A voice in my ears… a thump in my heart an aura around yet all hazy right from the start. Yet was mendable I thought. I saw its gleam and felt salvo in my veins. But was anything ever there? or was it only in my tears? Did anything ever exist ? or only in my […]


Floating in the sky From ground zero straight up high Palms facing up, head held high Smog all around Till I entered the clouds And then As I stretched my empty hands Felt nothing. As all was lost Finger tips ached to hold Yet were left empty to fold I opened my eyes and felt […]

Raw Heat of June

Words form in my mind yet elude me they take a stroll besides me before they interlock to form feelings giving a meaning to the forbidden storm. Words form as I tap blankly on my keyboard to bring a smile or a tear as they strum chords that I have snatched and stowed away all […]

Trapped in a moment

Time elapsed left its trace what once was just a lavender field now mapped with a deep ravine and just an empty time since we drew a line. Memory’s stuck of mist, fragrance and you of those moments few I turn around and glance on those days of prance. Moments rolled on yet has still […]

And so the night sleeps

Today again I feel restless and know that though there is no clear thought, yet, there are a lot of words that need a vent. Not mere words, disjointed, but deep thoughts. Might not mean anything to many, but may make some sense to a few. Some wanders out there, who connect through words and […]

Just another hazy day

There are days when I walk around in daze. Things get done. But my heart is not in it. There is a haze in my eyes. The alphabets glide and trickle down my brows and into my eyes and roll down my cheeks. What is it that drives me into that state? Well, I think, when […]