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5 Strategies to Survive a Life Storm

By: Deeba Salim Irfan Everyone faces a life storm at some point in time! You may have survived one or heard a friend share with you. Some are serious storms like losing a job, losing someone close and others are trivial yet may weigh you down. Whatever the case may be, be patient and keep […]

My Book Launch – A mom’s perspective

The frenzy started a week before the launch when the Chief Guest confirmed availability. The realisation struck me that my book launch was just a week away. And there was still a lot to do.   My son came to me, “Mom, can we please have a match of chess?” I said, “please, can it […]


A step at a time I tread. Dive deep  then arise to absorb my paradise! My soul alive, enriched… but am I pleasantly disguised, as I live my paradise? I imbibe the nuzzle akin a kiss a brush against my skin of this warm summer wind! A deep breath of praise as serenity exhaled! For […]

Building Characters

For a while, I have been wondering how to bring my characters to life. I want them to react the way each one of us does. Make them more believable, livable. Tonight is strange. I woke up about an hour back, when it was still 3 am and kept thinking of certain issues at hand. Just can’t […]

Such is Life…(a few moments with my mom!)

I returned day before from my monthly visit to my home town, New Delhi. I have been going for a week every month since September, 2013, when my mom had that fateful Meningitis attack. It has been an uphill task ever since. With setbacks and achievements, the road has been exhausting for her! However, this […]


Bright shades of sunshine and the dull endings of the day, a toll on my own mood. I wondered what the hues meant. Bright and sunny or dull and rainy? Was my life impacted with this? Of course it was, it is! The reason of my smile is the sun and the dark clouds bring […]

Learning From Every Day Life

Few months back, I sent my manuscript to an editor and I got it back with lot of encouraging words and some areas where I need to ‘Show Vs Tell’. As a first time author with no literature background, I am hell bent on ‘learning as I write’. This is taking me longer to complete […]

Conflict – Essence of Fiction writing

Write a good mushy novel, where everyone is perfect, everything is immaculate and there is no conflict… I am sure, the reader would hardy make it to page 25, if they don’t already throw the book off before that. Without conflict, a work of fiction is what it shouldn’t be, extremely boring. Conflicts like creeps need […]

Baby Steps – My Journey To Publication

Fiction is to the grown man what play is to the child; it is there that he changes the atmosphere and tenor of his life –  Robert Louis Stevenson I think the tenor of my life changed with the advent of the Iranian revolution, when as a ten year old I lost the exuberance of […]

Hello Yesterday

A day at a time I soak and feel. A moment shared what a steal. I see you there with a tear in your hand. I look at you and across I turn away to pass yet you hold you  –  my yesterday. So I say, hello yesterday. Once my tomorrow, and then my today […]