Waves of Life

Life is handed to us in waves,

alternating high and low.

After plummeting

my heart soared

and now back at equilibrium.

A tender calm.

No more screams within.

A moment,

when heartbeat is in sync

with the mind.

The breath is deep

and slow and I can feel it

complementing my heartbeat.

A tender yet rare serene moment

to focus on my internal peace.

Before life hits

the next high or a low again.

A moment to re-connect with my soul.

In stillness,

I live it, lest this too shall pass!

This moment floats over each one of us

once in a while,

and it’s up to us to relish or to relinquish!


Opulence of inner peace

is a state of perfection

set by our own mind

I want to evolve today

evolve tomorrow

and forever…

I hold myself

embrace and caress

my own mind

Life feels too short

Today maybe forever

Forever may never be

So I ignite a thought

soak self with hues

within and all around

a state of peace

not just perceived

but strongly

believed with here and now