A voice in my ears…

a thump in my heart

an aura around

yet all hazy

right from the start.

Yet was mendable

I thought.

I saw its gleam

and felt salvo in my veins.

But was anything ever there?

or was it only in my tears?

Did anything ever exist ?

or only in my mind it persist?

I raise my hand

and close my eyes

and I feel it there…

But that is all,

I chose to live with.

Vague halos, vague forms

That is all…

yet that’s more than a myth…

A mind form complete

for an elusive me.


Floating in the sky

From ground zero straight up high

Palms facing up, head held high

Smog all around

Till I entered the clouds

And then

As I stretched my empty hands

Felt nothing.

As all was lost

Finger tips ached to hold

Yet were left empty to fold

I opened my eyes and felt

Reality is far too cold

From straight up high

Back to ground zero in rain

Euphoria is over

Time to peg away again

Sick of pointee that I’m in clover!