Raw Heat of June

Words form in my mind yet elude me

they take a stroll besides me

before they interlock to form


giving a meaning to the forbidden storm.

Words form as I tap blankly on my keyboard

to bring a smile or a tear

as they strum chords

that I have snatched and stowed away

all that is meant to be buried to keep me sane

all that is supposed to have died with that hurricane.


words form and evaporate again…

I let them fly

I do not want to see them any more.

The raw heat of June –

no I do not want to store

I morph back to the soft caress of September

I clear the mist

and force my mind to get back to my task list !

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Trapped in a moment

Time elapsed

left its trace

what once was just a lavender field

now mapped with a deep ravine

and just an empty time

since we drew a line.

Memory’s stuck

of mist, fragrance and you

of those moments few

I turn around and glance

on those days of prance.

Moments rolled on

yet has still got me trapped

I do not want to see

that you are not you

and me is not me.

You are you

what time has made you

Me is me

what time has made me.

I stir, yell and scream

to free me and to restore

awake from my dream

and erase this lingering scent.

Yet, I just want to be

just stuck in that lavender field

where you are just you

and me is just me.