And so the night sleeps

Today again I feel restless and know that though there is no clear thought, yet, there are a lot of words that need a vent.

Not mere words, disjointed, but deep thoughts. Might not mean anything to many, but may make some sense to a few. Some wanders out there, who connect through words and chords. I feel, as if someone has strummed a guitar somewhere, and it resonates in my head. There is so much vibration that I cannot concentrate anywhere. I need to find that character. I need to give him a name. I need to create that face. Give some definition. Does he have wrinkles? Does he have a mole? Is his voice soul-stirring? I know nothing. Nothing yet. But I am restless to find. To create. I am restless to see him take shape. Why do I feel there is no time? Why do I feel I am racing against time? But for a fact, shaping of characters does take time!

As I fight with the vibrations in my head, the night sleeps, the household sleeps. A gentle calm prevails. Let me close my eyes and try to get some to sleep too.

Good Night

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