A moment I devoured    
when you had appeared     
from the corner of that chest-wood tree    
so vivacious and free.    
I hit a wall    
and woke up with the fall    
reached out     
and just felt that cold wall.    
I replay it all    
you did turn a different corner    
while I still relished my stroll.    
All along, reckoned you were there    
it turned out,    
they were mere shadows of my own imaginings    
I wake up and see    
an empty corner icy and cold    
and moments never to unfold!

Simple Words

Words spoken,

words heard,

words shared,

words that sealed…

and words also healed,

those scars that had been!

Well between those words,

between those glances,

all the words unsaid,

that gathered and were left unheard…

voices that never found the words –

were those moments ever there?

The smile turns to sigh –

new scars,

new tears,

new fears,

just words..

few words…

enough – to heal.

Enough – to steal.

But I wake and find,

Nothing really was real!

Mere words..